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3402 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, TX
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Water Gardening with Olive's Nursery

Water Gardening usually means ponds, but in West Texas just the sound of water seems to cool us off.  If you can't dig a hole maybe you'd like a concrete statuary fountain.  We've got a wide selection and can special order from the main manufactuers.

Our  hardy water lilies will be here in Late April! Tropicals will come mid-June.  Tropicals have serrated-edged leaves and should bloom every day into September, maybe October.  It's best to repot them into bigger pots and feed them in March or April.  We have food tabs or Ken Landon's special fertilizer he uses at the International Water Lily Collection on Park St.  Most of the lilies are 39.99.

We have great bog and marginal plants in season (April through the summer) These guys grow at the edge of ponds or in the mud, but they are not to be submerged.  Our selection includes hibiscus with green or red foliage, Wild Spike Papyrus, Camelean Plant, Water Mint, Ruellia, Pitcher Plant (they are carnivorous), Red leafed Water Cannas, Society Garlic, Umbrella Grass, Parrot Feather, and other oxygenators.

I've been dealing with ponds for over thirty-five years so I know about construction, fish, and algae.  We know how to control algae.  We have biological ways and chemicals. Come talk to us because each pond may have a unique solution.

We have Select and Butterfly KOI.  The select are more colorful and the butterfly have the long fins.  They start at 14.99.  We've got the food and all.  By the way, you may have heard that fish eat algae, so the more the better.  Truth is they feed (with their poop) the algae and cause more to grow than they eat.  Too many fish can cause a biological overload on your pond, resulting in pea-green water.  Also you can feed the fish daily, but don't give them much (even if they act like they are starving).

We sell 45 mil rubber pond liner in bulk roles of 10 ft, 15 ft, and 20 ft widths.  We suggest digging your pond out, carving the shelves, etc. just like you want them.  Then measure the widest width and the longest length, starting with a foot over lap, going down the shelves and contours, up the other side and lap a foot.  Bring the measurements in and we'll get you the piece with the least waste.  We also have pumps, filters, tubing, UV lights, etc.  The best thing we have is experience!