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Olive's Nursery
3402 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, TX
(325) 949-3756
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Olive's was started in 1942 by my Grandfather, Walter Eric Olive. That was 81 years ago! We've accumulated some experience over the years and hope to share it with you through this website.  Some people are considered experts when they've been doing the same thing for over forty years, so if you want to ask a lawn and garden, pond, or any question, just call our number at 325-949-3756.


We've helped thousands of West Texans be successful in their landscapes.  Whether it's tired, yellow lawns or sick shrubs and trees, we can help. We know which plants and trees do well here, which are challenging, and which are impossible to grow. There are a lot of continuous flowering plants that do great right here in West Texas and we have just what you need right here in our nursery.

Organic gardening

Over 30 years ago Tommy Olive discovered organic gardening.  This was after selling organic cures and native plants in the 70's totally unsuccessfully. He learned that success was found in the soil.  Good healthy soil grows good, healthy plants.  Since then he has developed a bio-stimulant that he has since called Olive's OIL.  For more info check out our Organic Gardening section.

Water gardening

We're also experts in Water Gardening.  What's the difference in designing a water garden and a Koi pond?  How do you control green water and string alge?  What plants will grow around and in the pond?  Should I invest in a Bio-Fall and Skimmer and a UV light?  We're here for you!  Contact us with your questions and we'll give you our expert opinions.

Inside the Shop

Tommy's mother started handling gifts, home decor and Christmas in the mid-fifties. Now Debbie Olive, has continued all that and added a boutique. From dresses and hats to jewelry and gift items. Check out our instagram ( @olivesnursery1 ) and facebook to see more of what Debbie has created inside.

Thanks for visiting OlivesNursery.com,  Tommy Olive