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Olive's Nursery
3402 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, TX
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Landscape Color

There is annual color and perennial color.  Mixing the two is a good plan.  Annuals give more consistant color but don't come back.  Perennials come back for years but need pruning and thinning to look good.  The best way to choose color is to come by and see what we have.  We'll talk you through it because we know what sun exposure, etc. is required for each plant.  

There is also tropical color: hibiscus, bouganvillas, ixora, some jasmine, plectranthus and more.  Remember a fifteen dollar bouganvilla costs about as much as two of you going to lunch and lasts ALOT longer!!! (it will be beautiful until it freezes)  And a twenty-five dollar one costs less than two of you going out for dinner tonight.

Again, the best way is to come and see what you like and talk to us.

Anybody can grow lantana, but what's happening if it quits blooming and looks alittle yellow.  It's usually an insect called lacebug.  We know how to control it.  Come see us.