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Thankful for the coming rain!



Every day I explain what I think is happening to our lawns.
Some only want something to put on it to fix it.
Now that I think of it, that's obvious and reasonable.
But I want you to know what's happening and why it's happpening!

What to do:
Apply organic fertilizer like Hou-Actinite, Dr. Earth, and bio-stimlants like Olive's OIL,
Humic Acid, Molasses, and Compost Tea (which we start brewing of Thursdays
and give away almost every Saturday morning - just bring an empty water bottle!)
Basically, I think you should improve the lawn's immune system.

Also apply fungicide (liquid or granules)

Now for what's happening and why it's happening:
Extreme heat and long droughts stress all plants - your lawn is no exception.
Almost every July to August big circles of lawns die from fungus.
This is because hot and dry is the rule for our summers, not the exception.
City water and lake, river, and well water are not the same as rain.
They are full of alkaline minerals.  I've been to the Dead Sea and Great Salt Lake.  Too many minerals create a costic environment for the living organisms in the soil - the microscopic ones - and when they go dormant (I read that they can go into a cyst stage, sort of like a dormant seed, waiting for livable conditions to come).  When it does rain, the minerals are leeched down and biological life begins to flourish again. I think of the life in the soil as the immune system of all terrestial plants. With no rain, the immune system is shot, and plants and lawns are sitting ducks for parasites like fungus.  My advice is to use fertilizers with at least organic bases (the bulk is organic) and other bio-stimulants.  The trouble with promoting this with passion is I don't know that tomorrow won't bring an abundance of rain.  

As to why these circles die so rapidly:
I think fungus grows incrediclby fast. ("Grows" may be the wrong word)  I've seen toad stools grow over night from nothing to 3-4 inches!  If they kept growing at that rate we would have forests in two weeks!  But they don't.  They don't grow anymore at all!  They have taken what they are made of out of the soil (or something), grow fast and then stop!  Yay!  No toadstool  forrests!  I think this happens to our lawns.  The fungus spores have activated and are developing microcopically for I don't know how long.  They have spread throughout the circles, and in about 24 hours, mature, and quickly suck the life out of the grass in the circle! One day it lightens in color, the next day you see tan spots, and the next day it's all dead looking - becasue it is dead!

Fungicides will not bring it back to life.  They can stop the spread, but, often, the fungus seems to "run it's coarse" and stop.  With as stressed as this summer has been, I would protect the rest of the lawn with a fungicide.  And I'd buy it at Olive's!

And all this assumes you are watering sufficiently!