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Olive's Nursery
3402 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, TX
(325) 949-3756
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Christmas Tree Sale

Olive’s November Christmas Tree Sale is in Full Swing!

  • Great Quality
  • Great Price
  • Great Service

Good Christmas Trees are not cheap anymore. We want you to come see ours and go check out the competition. Most people come back. Why?

Great Quality – I’ve been selling Christmas trees all my life (well, only about 50 years of it) and I know what makes for a good, dependable, functional tree. Come by and we’ll show you what to look for. All the trees are pre-lit. We have three qualities of lights: the good old ones, the new StayLit strands, and warm white LED strands. Our trees come 3 ft to 12 foot tall. We have slim to fat trees. Green, flocked, and iced. We have a big selection!

Great Price - In November we have many price options. We have three lighting options I mentioned above and the number of lights on a tree vary. All are beautiful and well done, but they are all a little different. We want you to come and compare!

Great Service – We stand behind the lights for three years! If you have a problem with a section next year or the next, bring it to us (we don’t need the whole tree to fix the section with a problem). We will get it looking brand new at no cost. (However, you cannot burn them 24/7! That negates the deal! – burn them in the evening and turn them off when you go to bed! On a few special days you can burn them all day, but only a few!)
We also will shape the thousands of twigs that each tree has and deliver it to your house! We charge for this. And we can pick it up, store it, get it out next year, reshape it, get all the lights working and deliver it to your perfect spot! The charge depends on the tree.

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, so get to Olive’s soon! If it’s a cold day we’ll serve you hot Mulling Cider – free!