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Olive's Nursery
3402 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, TX
(325) 949-3756
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Current Specials, Promotions, and Timely Info

We're 77!
come by and visit!
enjoy the beauty and a bottle of cold water! 

Various Gifts and Appearal on Sale.
Cedar Potting Bench
Cedar Planting Table
Coleus - 1 gal 8.99
Round UP Quick-Pro  4.99 package makes 1 gallon!

Olive's Mix for gardens $1.00 /lb

Deer Ban Capsules  $30  50 ct  regular 39.99
Water Lily Fertilizer Tablets 29 cents each
Bulk garden Seed $1 / scoop

 Those of you who are  using Olive's OIL are doing the right thing!  Keep it up - at least once every season!  But I do use the Olive's OIL and organic fertilizers.  You could too!