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Open 9 am to 6 pm Mon - Fri;  9 to 4 Sat;  1-3 Sundays in April and May!

Our 72nd Spring Open House!
Friday, April 4 through Sunday April 13th.

Sale items (while current supplies last)

It's going to rain!  EZ Read Rain Guages 9.99 not 14.99!

52 and 104 gallon vinyl Rain Barrels $69 and $89!!!

Dip out the rain with our 2 gal Watering Cans 3.99 reg 8.99!

Mosquito Plants (Citronella Geraniums)
the rains will bring the mosquitos - start these now!
$5.50 6" pots reg 6.99 

Racoon (& Cat) Traps 50% Off  now $45  

Gourmet Bird Food 20 lbs 18.99 reg 26.99

Duckbill Tree Stake Kits 2.99  reg 6.99

Noxell - kills and prevents vegetation for a year! treats 700 sq ft  8.99 was 21.99

Tri-Die Food Grade DE w/ Pyrethrins 5 lbs  $35  reg 146.99
Use in kitchens, bathrooms, and for bedbugs!

Triple Action Consan 20  $10  reg 16.99  kills Algae, Fungus, Virus - everything but plants!

Hummingbird Feeders Perky Pet 24 oz $11 reg 19.99  Big Gulp 40 oz $16  reg 24.99

Gardening Gift Bags $15 reg 24.99 (in Apple Green, Lilac, & Teal) 

DeWitt Landscape Fabric 3 ft X 50 ft  $6.19 reg 14.99
No weeds under mulch or gravel! 

EcoSmart Organic Pest Control
Insect Killer, Mosquito and Tick Killer, Home Pest Killer, Garden Fungicide
24 oz Ready to Spray $6  reg 8.99 -  32 oz Hose End $10 reg 16.99 

Windspinners  $25  reg 29.99 and 34.99

Terra Cotta Standard Pots 4" - 10"  33% Off!

ALL Tropical Plants (in the Greenhouse) 25% Off!

45 mil Rubber Pond Liner - 15 ft wide
 $15 per running foot ($1 / sq ft)

Bamboo Windchimes 20% Off

In the Boutique:
Scarves and Bags 20% Off 

New plants are arrivng weekly.  We have tomatoes, peppers, frost tolerant flowers like geraniums, alyssum, and petunias, and herbs, and cole crops like broccoli and cabbage.  We have bulk seeds and packaged seed, too.  It's pre-emergeant time.  It's time to prepare gardens and I've got the best soil conditioner for West Texas gardens!  I call it Terry's mix.

The best thing for a successful spring is to come talk to us!

I have a strong hope for rain.
I can shut my eyes and see it.
So many are praying.
It's going to rain! 

See you here at Olive's!
Tommy Olive


Olive's OIL qt treats 5,000 sq ft $14.99  refills are 13.99 and if you buy a gallon at 44.99, I'll give you a $6.99 sprayer free (the first time)  Apply NOW!  

Olive's was started in 1942 by my Grandfather, Walter Eric Olive. That was 71 years ago! We've accumulated some experience over the years and hope to share it with you through this website.  Some people are considered experts when they've been doing the same thing for over thirty years, so if you want to ask me lawn and garden, pond, or any question, just email me (Tommy Olive) at info@olivesnursery.com and I'll get back with my best answer.

When you're sick, you want an experienced doctor.  When your landscape is ailing, you want the same thing.  We've helped thousands of West Texans be successful in their landscapes.  Whether it's tired, yellow lawns or sick shrubs and trees, we can help.  I believe in working with nature.  We know which plants and trees do well here, which are challenging, and which are impossible to grow.  You're on the Net so you must like to browse here: when you find what sounds like the best plant ever, you might want to check with my experience before you invest your money, sweat, and time.  There are alot of continuous flowering plants that do great right here in West Texas.  We're here when you need us.  We've been a family owned garden center all my life!

We're also experts in Water Gardening.  I built my first pond in 1976.  What a blessing when we realized rubber could be used instead of concrete.  What's the difference in designing a water garden and a Koi pond?  How do you control green water and string alge?  What plants will grow around and in the pond?  Should I invest in a Bio-Fall and Skimmer and a UV light?  We're here for you!  Contact me with your questions and I'll give my best answers.

I installed my first gravel yard over 30 years ago.  It was on Rockbrook which was the southern edge of town back then.  I put beds next to the house and some kidney shaped beds out in the gravel.  It's still there today!  At the time I'd never heard of the term Xeriscape.  Since then I've learned alot that may benefit you.

Twenty years ago I discovered organic gardening.  This was after selling organic cures and native plants in the 70's totally unsuccessfully.  I learned that success was found in the soil.  Good healthy soil grows good, healthy plants.  I developed our own bio-stimulant back then that we call Olive's OIL.  For more info check out our Organic Gardening section. 

My mother started handling gifts, home decor and Christmas in the mid-fifties.  My wife, Debbie, has continued all that and added a boutique.  We've got tops, dresses, sun dresses, pants, jewelry, and I don't know what all!

I will have timely advice on what to do in your lanscape and water garden.  I first wrote the Olive Nurseryletter in 1977.  The email letter is now free.  Please join our Newsletter for up-to-date information.

Thanks for visiting OlivesNursery.com,  Tommy Olive

Quote:  "God who gave us life gave us liberty.  Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are a gift of God."  Thomas Jefferson

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