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Olive's Nursery
3402 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, TX
(325) 949-3756
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San Angelo's Nursery - Olive's Nursery!

Open 9 am to 6 pm Mon - Fri    |    Saturday 9 to 4    |    Closed Sundays until Spring! 


Olive's was started in 1942 by my Grandfather, Walter Eric Olive. That was 74 years ago! We've accumulated some experience over the years and hope to share it with you through this website. Some people are considered experts when they've been doing the same thing for over thirty years, so if you want to ask me lawn and garden, pond, or any question, just email me (Tommy Olive) at info@olivesnursery.com and I'll get back with my best answer.

When you're sick, you want an experienced doctor. When your landscape is ailing, you want the same thing. We've helped thousands of West Texans be successful in their landscapes. Whether it's tired, yellow lawns or sick shrubs and trees, we can help. I believe in working with nature. We know which plants and trees do well here, which are challenging, and which are impossible to grow. You're on the Net so you must like to browse here: when you find what sounds like the best plant ever, you might want to check with my experience before you invest your money, sweat, and time. There are alot of continuous flowering plants that do great right here in West Texas. We're here when you need us. We've been a family owned garden center all my life!

Our 75% OFF Christmas Sale is NOW!!!! 

  • excludes collectables  (20% Off)
  • undecorated wreathes and garlands (50% Off)
  • Christmas Trees (10% Off  our October Price)
  • And a few glass candles sticks and holders (50% Off)  


Olive's Planting Guide

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